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More Vendors

Chan Nao Cheang-frozen chinese food 306-536-4189

Heritage Pens-wood lathe-306-201-8842

Mother Hubbard-Ukrainiun Food 306-516-0402

Sharon Reiss Howe-flowers & vegetables 306-771-2127


Valley Roots-facebook & 306-536-7472

Linda Zorn-clothing 306-522-0103

Linda Button-Caleighs Crystals jewellery 306-571-9779

Brooklyn Czinka- jewellery 306-536-7551

Marion Leniczek-honey 306-335-7720

Nancy Logan-purses

Fay Myers-glass solar ornaments 306-730-5165

Nicole Lindberg-painted solar lites 306-570-7830

Darla Goettler-Epicure -306-551-0883

Rhonda Mercer-Norwex 306-335-7872

April McKay & Jon Hart-metal flowers-306-533-9415

Colleen Mooney & Garry Cyca-face painting & balloon designs-306-660-8288

Doug Porcina-Fort Q museum T-shirts & calendars-306-332-4285

Maggie Thomas-painted art and clocks-306-331-9876/306-432-2133

Kendra Thompson-crochet-306-539-6533

Ingrid Tourigny-books, cards, garlic-306-216-7141

Darla Goettler-Epicure-306-551-0833

Teagan MacKenzie-leather products-306-552-4391

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